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New Features: Web Console and Rebootless Kernel Upgrades

Published on August 5, 2014

Time4VPS has always been trying to offer 100% uptime, however when it came to kernel updates to maintain the server security, there was no choice other than rebooting the kernel which caused a downtime – though it was a scheduled one. However, with the new rebootless kernel upgrade technology, we can now avoid those scheduled reboots and consequently the server downtime for OS update purpose.

Furthermore, we are glad to introduce you with brand new feature: web console. It is very useful feature if you lock yourself out of your server by forgetting the root password, misconfigured SSHd service, networking service failure or blocking yourself out via a firewall.

To test web console, simply login to the client area and select your server. You will find new button “Web Console” under the server management panel.